Vape vs E-Cigarettes, What is the Difference?

Vape vs E-Cigarettes, What is the Difference?

E-cigarette vs. vape, which one is better? Let’s figure it out. But before that, let’s see what the difference between these two is.

What is a vape mod?

An electronic vaping device is basically known as a vape mod. It is designed to deliver current to a vape tank. A vape mod consists of a battery and a chipset that helps regulate the current output. Moreover, a mod has the ability to detect the atomizer resistance that further helps the user to choose the right power setting. You have to manually fill e-liquid to the vape tank that connects to a mod. New vapers are advised to use only high-quality vape mods that are made using premium quality material. For example, Bink vape NZ is made from 99% natural raw materials. Also, a Bink vaporizer NZ is slim, easy to use, the vape tank is refillable, and you can use any flavor of e-liquid you like.

What is an e-cig?

An e-cig refers to a type of cigarette that actually looks like a cigarette. Many people also call this type of device a cigalike. The vaping revolution began with the e-cig that was known as cigalike. There was a time when cigalike was the most popular vaping product. Coming to the point, e-cig is a device that consists of a battery and a cartridge and that is it. Bink e-cigarettes are known for top performance and are made to deliver a full-throated vapor.

E-cig vs. vape

In order to decide between e-cig vs. vape, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each:

E-cig pros

  • Looks like a cigarette, best type of e-cig
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Produces satisfying vapor
  • Sturdy construction
  • You don’t have to fill it manually

E-cig cons

  • The battery life is quite limited. In case of heavy use, two batteries are required
  • Doesn’t produce as much vapor as a mod

Vape pros

  • As compared to e-cig, it produces more vapors
  • Long-lasting with a more powerful battery
  • A variety of flavor options

Vape cons

  • You have to manually fill the vape tank
  • It is a bit fragile so tanks break easily if dropped

To sum it up, vape produces more vapor than an e-cig. When you are using an e-cig instead of a vape mod, the nicotine level may need to be higher. For example, for a mod, if the nicotine level is 18mg, then the nicotine level for e-cig has to be 24mg. It’s better to make a decision based on convenience. If you want more vapors, then go for a vape. However, if you want something that has no fuss and no mess, then get an e-cig.

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