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Patented HINs (High identified nicotine salt)
Natural complex nicotine

High Identified Nicotine Salt

Why is HINs so unique?

The new nicotine HINs technology is also known as “Natural complex nicotine technology”, which uses the tobacco natural edible “endogenous acid” as the raw material, and synthesizes multiple compound acid nicotine salt with the purer and safer nicotine, so that the smoker’s feeling is closer to the traditional cigarette and has the rich aroma. So that�s say goodbye to the bad smell brought by tar. It is also important to note that HINs provides adequate physiological satisfaction without the stimulation of regular nicotine.

What is the different?

Compounds vs. natural products

Nicotine salt is widely used on the market: nicotine + benzoic acid synthesis, and HINs used is high purity nicotine + tobacco on the combination of natural endogenous acid. Benzoic acid is a compound, and the endogenous acid in tobacco is a natural substance. The difference between the two can be simply understood as: the difference between instant coffee and your favorite flat white