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The Bink Mini E-Cigarette Range

Raw materials from Europe
Food grade, more natural

In order to ensure the taste in the process of smoking, bink Mini eliminates the stimulating odor left by smoking traditional cigarettes. We have come a long way to import high-end pure raw materials from Europe and combine them with the patented HINs (High identified nicotine salt) technology to develop a better sense of export and retain the unique experience of lingering fragrance.

Groundbreaking High identified nicotine salt technology HINs

Tobacco is the most important part of traditional cigarettes, while the core part of e-cigarettes must be E- liquid.

bink Mini adopts the national patented HINs technology (High identified nicotine salt technology, using edible “endogenous acid” extracted from natural tobacco, combining with the purer and safer nicotine, and synthesizing the nicotine salt with multiple compound acids), so as to achieve the taste close to that of traditional cigarettes, and to be more healthy and safe.

High Identified Nicotine Salt

Organic cotton lock e liquid Safety no leaking

bink mini use the organic cotton plus polymer material packaging to lock up e liquid 100% will not leak the high standards, you can free to use in any normal air pressure environment.

EVE ultra-low self-discharge lithium polymer battery

bink Mini using the most stable EVE lithium polymer battery, the main characteristics of this battery is stable and safe electrification, at the same time in the case of long-term standby, battery itself loss is also very low, will not appear long-term placement so that the loss of power.

Nicotine free E-Cigarettes

The paradox that some people see smoking as a way to express their individuality without becoming too dependent on nicotine has long been fascinating.To this end, bink research and development team developed a series of nicotine-free e liquid, in the process of smoking only colorful fragrance stay in the throat and mouth, for the dilemma of you, open a new life mode.

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